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→ madaboutasoiaf asked: margaery or and loras?

I must be cursed.

Horses are faster than men. Horses are dumber than men.

I am a bastard girl now. Alayne Stone has no claim.

And I bring your enemies what they deserve.

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"In the books the cup gets under the table and Tyrion goes there and takes it himself. On the show we see Sansa kneeling, taking the cup and giving it to Tyrion. That small scene, written by GRRM personally, is a significant evidence of how the author sees the relationship between these two characters. They are not enemies, they are not even indifferent, they are allies, they help each other and give each other comfort when they can. They care about each other. And it’s not based on passion or lust, as with so many of the relationships in the series, but on mutual understanding, sympathy and kindness." (x)


Leaving Tumblr.

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are you kidding me

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Hermione Reading before Bed by ~Lincevioleta
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Hermione Reading before Bed by ~Lincevioleta

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make me choose
daceymormonts asked: westeros or essos